Travel Plans for 2014

Despite March already being upon us, I thought it was about time that I jotted down a brief summary of my travel plans for the year. Hopefully it will allow me to bring some semblance of order to all the places whizzing through my head!

January was a month of endless packing and planning as Sam and I moved house. Not much time was left for travelling unfortunately.

February saw my first adventure of the year to the fairytale city of Bruges. Beer. Chocolate. Horse drawn carriages. Waffles. Swans. Need I say more.

Beguinage Bridge in Bruges

Swans under the Beguinage Bridge in Bruges

March will be a quiet month for me as the purse strings will be tight due to plans for later in the year. Hopefully I will manage to squeeze in a day trip down to London for my first visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve been meaning to go for such a long time. But it seems to be pushed back each time as I know it will always be there.

I am very much looking forward to my April adventure as I have finally found the opportunity to fit in a four day escape to Cornwall. The South West of England is one part of the country I haven’t yet explored so it’s high time I did! Sam and I will be off in the car, with tent in tow, to hopefully find some English Easter sunshine .

Then comes my big travel month of the year: May. I hadn’t really intended to cram quite this much into one month but here goes. I will start with a five day escapade to the ever delightful Provence. After flying into Marseilles, Liz and I will celebrate la joie de vivre with copious glasses of French wine and conversations almost as long and winding as the roads we plan to drive.

Mid May brings both an exciting and  daunting turn I head home to Nelson, New Zealand, with stop overs in Dubai, Brisbane, Wagga Wagga and Sydney, to sort out a new UK visa. At the moment, it looks like I will be back for about three months. Hopefully the UK government is kind and lets me return!

View from the top of our garden in Nelson, New Zealand

View from the top of our garden in Nelson, New Zealand

June should be a month of long over due catch ups with family and friends around the country. Weekend trips to Auckland, Napier, Wellington and New Plymouth may be on the cards.

The wonderful world of Wellington harbour

The wonderful world of Wellington harbour

Nothing warms the soul more than a long soak in a thermal hot pool. So, as the Southern Hemisphere winter closes in during July, Hamner Springs, another one of my “I’ll do it eventually” places, will finally get ticked of the list. I also have a sneaking suspicion that there may be a well deserved Mum and Meg holiday to either Fiji, Vanuatu or Rarotonga thrown into the mix before I leave. Only time, and (probably overstretched) finances, will tell.

Plans following my return to the Land of Eng are still up in the air. Without a job to come back to, I don’t really know how much money I will be able to set aside for travelling. However, ideas that have been thrown about so far include weekends away in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rome, Scotland, the Lakes District, possibly a week away in Tenerife or island hopping between Split and Dubrovnik.

Wastwater. Copyright: Nick Thorne

Wastwater. The Lakes District. Copyright: Nick Thorne

Here’s to 2014: A year of travels, discoveries and adventures. Care to join me?


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