Exploring the Scotish Highlands. It was a bit windy last time!

I’m Meghann. A wanderer. A dreamer. A life long learner.

I was blessed to have been born in the incredibly multicultural city of Sydney Australia. Growing up surrounded by so many people of different ethnicities, cultures and ways of life meant that from a very early age I was aware of just how vibrant and inspiring the world can be. At age 12, I moved with my Mum from a city of four million to a country of four million: New Zealand. Small town New Zealand again offered me another perspective on life: Nelson’s main industries revolve around horticultural practices, forestry and seafood. Learning to appreciate the coming of each new season was a vital part of life. I adored watching the scenery rotate through it’s vast array of colours.

Travel for me is about experiencing the many ways that people celebrate their own corner of the world. It’s about learning to let go, exploring all possibilities and discovering all the parts of you that haven’t ever had the opportunity to shine. Travel moulds you. It shapes you into unexpected forms and sometimes leaves you feeling broken, dazed and confused. But it also shows you how to live. How to make the most of what you have. How to truly love the person you have become. It introduces you to people from all walks of life who have stories to tell, tears to shed and smiles to share. It opens your heart to the struggles of others and reminds you that you aren’t alone.

Fuelled by my dreams and my love of new horizons, open skies and natural beauty, I have created this blog. I hope it inspires you to challenge your own boundaries and become the person you have always wanted to be.


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